Our Social-Media Trace allows you to track an exact Location and a IP-address using social media like Facebook, Instagram and twitter or using messaging apps like Whatsapp,Telegram and FB-messenger.

It works as follows:

When you press the Get Link button, CellTrack will generate a special tracking-link for you.
You need to copy this link and paste it in the desired chat.
When the link is opened and viewed, the location will be emailed to you in seconds!


1- Press the ‘Get Link‘ button.
2- Copy the link.
3- Paste the link in your social-media conversation or E-mail.
⚠ Do not open this link yourself! If you open the link, your own location will be emailed to you.
Beside that the link will expire and you will have to get a new one.
4- Wait until the link is opened. Then check your E-mail inbox.
5- Open the google-maps link in the email to view the location.
⚠ If the user blocked location services or does not open the link, CellTrack won’t be able to trace a location. In that case CellTrack will still deduct 2 credits.


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